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Meet Dr. Collins

Dr. Garry Collins is a 1997 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta Georgia. He received his diplomate in Acupuncture in 1998 and is a Fellow of The International Academy of Medical Acupuncturists. He practices holistic health care in his small home town of Floyd Virginia.

Dr. Collins wrote this book to challenge what you think you know about health and disease. It is meant to be a starting point in your transformation from unhealthy to healthy. He implores you to work on your health now, and to educate yourself. Listen to what he has to say about Regenesis:

“Obesity, fibromyalgia, fatigue, diabetes, arthritis, digestive issues, and general poor health have common threads. The Regenesis program focuses light on these common threads.

This book was inspired by my mother. She died from the complications of diabetes. She was taking over ten prescription drugs multiple times a day, including massive amounts of injectable insulin. My mother was given what I feel was the wrong advice by her doctors for decades. She was given very poor nutritional advice by countless so called “nutritionists”. Her diet was replete with refined wheat products, hidden sugars, artificial sweeteners, packaged foods and canned synthetic vitamin “shakes”.

In what is a very predictable scenario, my mother had every complication you could imagine. She had heart problems that required bypass surgery, this led to a MRSA infection she contracted in the hospital that required removal of her sternum. Removal of her sternum required a muscle flap surgery that eventually created a massive abdominal hernia. She was in the hospital for 64 days for all of that to resolve. Also evolving were kidney (fluid) problems, breathing difficulty, countless doctor visits to “specialists” and many nights in the hospital for her, and her family members, in the last 10 years of her life. It was a very difficult thing for her and her family.

Most of this was preventable. Diabetes cases continue to increase. Type 2 diabetes is primarily a dietary problem, not a lack of medications. Diabetes creates an environment that spawns other health problems including: hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, arthritis, degenerative joints (especially knees), insomnia, cancer, fatigue, and overall general poor health. Now, as a health care provider, I see the same old advice being given to my patients. I see the road they are on very clearly. I want them to see where they are headed without a significant shift in thinking about their food choices.

Your health is mostly your responsibility. Do it for your own health, your children, and your loved ones.”