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The Why

Why is a great question:  Why am I here trying to improve my health, or lose weight, or just trying to feel better.  When I am asking my REGENESIS participants to set their long, medium, and short-term goals, I make them spell out the why on each goal.  It is one thing to say “I want to lose 50 lbs.”  That is a worthy goal for some folks, but what is more important here is the “why”.

Is it because you want to look better?  Okay, that is a reasonable why for some folks.  What if it is because you are tired of feeling bad all the time.  That is a worthy goal as well.  Goals and why’s are very personal.  But a goal without a why is an empty goal with no real meaning behind it.  John Locke who is a great writer of e books say’s “Make your goals small enough to reach, but large enough to matter.”  I love that quote, especially for the short-term goal.

If you have a large goal of say losing 100 lbs., that may require a different kind of goal.  I have clients ask me all the time: “do you think the program can help me lose a hundred pounds ?”.  I know the program can help you lose 100 pounds as we have had several participants lose over 100 lbs.!   Then I will ask them: “ Do you believe the program can help you reach  your goal?”.   Losing a hundred pounds is a big goal and must be accomplished by reaching several short term or smaller goals.  I always tell someone with a hundred pounds to lose that it must be done five pounds at a time.  Set reachable five-pound goals, this is reachable and high enough to matter.  You see goal setting is very important but meaningless without a “why”.  Do 3 goals, Short, medium, and long-term goals.  Do some soul searching, be honest with yourself and then attach the “why” to each goal.

There are many things to consider when improving your health.  The REGENESIS program focuses on diet, however, we talk about many other things that can positively influence your direction.  It is so important to belong to a group with a common goal, a direction, leadership, and accountability.  It is this continued quest for knowledge and support from your peers that is a vital part of recovering your good health.  I call it “The Pathway”.  Let us show you the REGENESIS pathway to a better you!