My husband is lupus-free

Still so incredibly thankful for Doc Garry Collins and his Regenisis program. Found out this morning that my husband is still Lupus free even after 4 years of going off his many medications. Doc taught us how to eat the right way and in turn it helped our bodies to heal themselves. When I say “Lupus free” I don’t mean that he is “in remission”. I mean the double stranded DNA no longer exists. He only has the 1 single strand in his body as he should.

Lupus is not a nice or in any way simple disease, and I could do nothing but watch as the person I loved most was tortured by its effects on his body.

To watch that be turned completely around and to see him feel good again has been so rewarding in so many ways over the last few years.
He went from 15+ pills a day and doctor visits from 3 or 4 doctors every month or two to 0 medications and seeing 1 doctor once or twice a year.

Does it require sacrifices? Yes, but its oh so worth it!

I’ll forever be grateful to God most of all because without Him nothing is possible, for Doc and his knowledge that he taught us, for friends that introduced us to his program, and to friends and family that keep us on the straight and narrow still today.